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Big Bore Bridge Plug

Vertechs multistage Simulation systems are designed to stimulate multiple stages efficiently and effectively. We accelerate simulation times and optimize production with field-proven multistage fracturing solutions. Our innovative Phantom™ Big-Bore Bridge Plug technology simplify conventional perf & plug and eliminate plugs milling operations. This technology is proven in unconventional operations and save the simulation cost substantially.

Phantom™ Bridge Plug

Phantom™ plug is a revolutionary flow through plug designed for plug & perf operations or applications where multiple plugs are required to be set in a single wellbore. The innovative ball seat type plug used in conjunction with the VVANISH™ metal dissolvable ball totally eliminates the need to drill out the plug thus significantly simplifying the overall operation and minimizing the cycle time from stimulation to placing the well on production


Maximum 3” ID big bore allows maximum production through tool and CT intervention through tool thus eliminating the need for drill out.

Pressure rating to 10,000psi.

Temperature rating to 302 °F.

Zero downhole trash when used with VVANISH™ metal dissolvable frac balls.

Retrievable design allows achieving full casing ID if necessary.

Compatible with standard wireline or hydraulic setting tools.

Robust design minimizes premature setting risk.

Special design on bottom eliminates possibility of ball from lower zone inhibiting flow back


HP sand-bed (20-40 mesh) pressure (1000 psi) with fresh water, invasion length <3.94”, filter cake thickness less than 0.08”. ULIA is also in World Oil Guide to Recommended Oilfield Additives List 2015.



Model Casing-Size (in) ID (in) OD (in) Pressure Rating (psi) Ball Size (in)
3.5 Phantom™ 3.5 1.688 2.781 10,000 2.000
4.5 Phantom™ 4.5 2.500 3.594 10,000 2.969
5.0 Phantom™ 5.0 2.750 4.063 10000 3.000
5.5 Phantom™ 5.5 3.000 3.750 10,000 3.250
7.0 Phantom™ 7.0 5.68700 3.3.500 10,000 4.750

Phantom Big Bore Bridge Plug Flyer

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