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Coiled Tubing (CT) is the fastest growing segment of the well service industry. CT technology is critical to achieve the high standard oil field operation. EMEDCO offers CT Services to work over operation, shallow drill outs of bridge plugs, and extensions into producing zones. After a stimulation treatment, CT can be aimed to blow out the well using nitrogen and eliminate the need for swabbing. This service speeds up getting into and out of the well and allows working on wells while the same as other operations. Our CT operators are highly skilled and trained in alive well Services; therefore we are capable of providing a full range of Services related to coiled tubing, from a simple wash to an intricate high-pressure well recovery operation. EMEDCO support team and engineering staff determine the most effective coiled tubing methods and techniques to achieve superior CT string performance by utilizing advanced coiled tubing software.

Services Include: 1) Washing 2) Fishing 3) Milling 4) Drilling 5) Spotting Squeeze Cement

6) Scale Removal 7) Well Cleanouts 8) Lifting Wells 9) Fracturing, Acidizing

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