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VERTECHS WIZARD® Fully Dissolvable Bridge Plug

VERTECHS WIZARD® Fully dissolvable bridge plug is the ultimate solution for plug & perf operations. Conventional bridge plugs, either fast-drilling composite bridge plug or cast iron big-bore bridge plug, used in P&P operation, requires the drill out or milling of the bridge plugs in order to achieve full ID well bore access. However, the game-changing VERTECHS WIZARD® fully dissolvable bridge plug, manufactured of unique dissolvable materials, dissolves downhole, then will flow back to surface, leaving ZERO debris downhole. It saves operational time and expense, reduces related risk of casing damage from milling and brings the well into production more quickly. VERTECHS WIZARD® fully dissolvable bridge plug can be set by conventional wireline or hydraulic setting tools. To activate the system, a Vertechs VVanish™ dissolvable frac ball will be dropped and chased down to seal the interval, then frac operation can proceed. For complete application flexibility, in planning the WIZARD system dissolving phase, the dissolving rate (ROD) can be customized on a case by case basis and designed based on the operational requirements


10,000 psi differential pressure rating

Designed for temperatures up to 302°F (150°C)

Holds pressure up to 24 hrs after setting

Proprietary anti-preset feature

Customized for dissolution in fresh water or high salinity formation fluids

Customizable ROD, range from 36 to 250 hours

Setting with standard wireline/hydraulic setting tools

Fully dissolvable slips & packing elements

Suits high API casing grades (Q125 & V140)



Casing Size Weight (lb/ft) Casing Grade
5.5" 17 N80
5.5" 20-23 P110
5.5" 26-28 Q125
5.5" 13.5-15.1 V140
Specialty designs available upon request

WIZARD Dissolvable Bridge Plug Flyer

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