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SealTEX™ is the industry standard as a cure for severe loss situations. It is a fast acting and extremely cost-effective solution to lost circulation in many types of downhole conditions including fractures, vugular formations, weak channels and underground blowout situations. As a pre-mixed and packaged pill, SealTEX™ eliminates the guesswork associated with a response to severe losses. SealTEX™ mixes in drilling water and is compatible in all types of fluid systems.


All types of formations & fractures

Blowout situations

Product Features

Extremely cost effective

No pre-spots or spacers required

No activators, accelerators, or retarders required

Pre-measured and packaged – “Rig Ready” mixing procedures – mix on site

Improves formation integrity and remains strong through trips and withstands surge pressures

Mixes easily in drilling water regardless of mud system being utilized

No special mixing tanks, equipment or pumps required. Mix in slugging tank

Not affected by pH or temperature




SealTEX™ has effective bridge and seal effect with the broadest PSD in industry and can be used in temperatures up to 400°F.


Item Index
Color Gray to light green
Bulk density, ppg 5.00-5.84
Particle size (1700um or 10 mesh screen residue), %, max 10.0
Moisture content, %,max 10.0
HP steel beads bed(5 mm) pressure, psi 725

Formula: 200ml fresh water+40g SealTEX+1.0g XC polymer

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