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Vantage Non-Aqueous Fluid

Vantage Non-Aqueous Fluid (NAF) system is designed and developed by Vertechs Oil & Gas Technology Co., Ltd. There are only four main additives in Vantage System, VC-TROL (FL Control), VT-MUL (Emulsifier), VT-MOD (Rheology Modifier) and VT-OGEL (Organo-Gel), simplified while compared to conventional Oil-Base Mud system. Vantage products work reliably regardless of base oil (pilot testing required) and provide a simple formulation for efficient preparation and maintenance.


Temperature resistance up to 150℃ (300℉)

Simplified range of additives effective at low concentration.

Easier mixing and maintenance requirements.

Superior electrical stability and suspension stability.

Simpler to weight up compared to traditional OBM

Contamination resistant & provides stable performance


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