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The colorless and odorless gas, Nitrogen, is a non-hydrocarbon inert gas used for different purposes in drilling, work over, and completion operations in oil and gas wells.. Applications of nitrogen both in onshore and offshore include well stimulation, injection, pressure testing, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), reservoir pressure maintenance, nitrogen floods, and inert gas lift. Additionally, nitrogen can be used to prevent flammable gases from igniting and protect tubulars from downhole corrosion. In drilling operations, nitrogen can be utilized for instrument panel inverting, flare gas entering, and pressure systems purging and testing. Also, nitrogen can be supplied for engine starters, controls, dry bulk transfer and hoisting systems. By providing a dry air supply, nitrogen can extend the life of some systems, as well as prevent breakdowns. In workover and completion operations, nitrogen is an optimal choice to be displaced with well fluids in order to initiate flow and clean wells because of its low density and high pressure characteristics. The high-pressure gas is also used for production stimulation through hydraulic fracturing. Also, nitrogen is used for cementing operations and controlling cement slurry weights.

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