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The systematic evaluation of drilling results is critical for improving drilling decisions. All efforts that can assist in delivering accurate, unbiased and consistent assessment will ultimately enhance PGFK company performance. As a consequence, Post drilling Analysis must be part of the full circle Quality Control process to be applied to the prospect assessment. It is expected that sharing the findings of this post drilling analysis project within the industry will help drilling revival across the oil and gas industry. EMED with partnership with DS carried out post drilling analyses of development wells drilled in Jacket 24-A during 2014-2015 in the South Pars / North Dome is a natural gas condensate field located in the Persian Gulf.

The South Pars/North Dome is the world’s largest gas field, shared between Iran and Qatar. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the field holds an estimated 1,800 trillion cubic feet (51 trillion cubic meters) of in-situ natural gas and some 50 billion barrels (7.9 billion cubic meters) of natural gas condensates.


Post Drilling Analysis of Jacket 24-A, South Pars

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