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Vertechs service tools are with field-proven quality and robustness. Vertechs service tool product lines specialize in production, stimulation, testing, squeeze and P&A operations, together with integrated engineering team and service team, Vertechs is providing our customers with one-station solutions for downhole challenges.

VS-1 Storm Packer

VS-1 storm packer is designed for general purpose of high pressure service work, and for storm packer applications. It’s also used in production, stimulation and testing applications. The hydraulic hold down is below the pressure equalization valve. The tool features a proven three element packing system and a hydraulically controlled balance piston designed to keep the by-pass closed when set. The tools are available in 5 ½” through 20" casing. Comes with standard API IF thread forms.


Heavy-duty mandrel supports high hang-off weights

Automatic Jay Unit allows 2/3 turns to set, straight pickup unset.

Integral internal bypass for high circulation rates.

Zero downhole trash when used with VVANISH™ metal dissolvable frac balls.

Load and pressure resistance designed to meet high load applications.

Three piece packing element system with metal backups accommodate.

low and high pressure applications for the broadest range of service.

P110 body, coupling and sub for heavier duty jobs.

Carbide slips, pistons and drag blocks for high hardness casing.

AII pressure bearing o-rings have backups for higher pressure resistance.


VS-1 Storm Valve

The VS-1 storm valve is run above a VS-1 storm packer in order to provide well control protection during a temporary abandonment of the well without having to pull the drill pipe. The storm valve allows the packer to be set and then permits disconnection and retrieval of the drill pipe and the upper sub of the valve while at the same time automatically closing the VS-1 storm valve isolating the drill pipe below the VS-1 storm packer.


Can be easily manipulated by rotating the tubing string which can open and close the valve

Compatible setting with VS-1 storm packers below

Multiple times set & release

Pump out plug for contingencies


ESqueez Cement Retainer

The ESqueez Cement Retainer can be set by Wireline or Mechanical. It is mainly composed of cast iron. A compact tool engineered for fast running down hole on tubing or electric line. It features a positive, pressure balanced sleeve valve which is opened or closed simply by lowering or raising the tubing.Positively secured packing element and one piece slips combine to premature setting due to well debris or rough handling and assures protection from the hazards of high speed running in the well.


Pressure rating 10,000 psi

Temp rating 300°F, higher temperature ratings are available upon request

Cast iron body, easy drill-out

Ratchet lock rings secure dynamic setting force

One piece packing element and rocker action metal back up rings combine for a superior seal

Compact, easy running

Can be set directly with Baker type Wireline Setting Tools

Compatible with existing Baker Style Setting Sleeves and Adjuster Subs

Can easily be converted from wireline to mechanical set

Fin bottom to aid in preventing “spinning” during drill-out

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