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ULIA is a field proven additive that allows building a low invasion drilling fluid which improves wellbore circumferential stress, prevents hole collapse and effectively controls mud losses. ULIA significantly reduces fluid invasion into matrix permeability and micro-fractures by forming a very low permeability, yet acid soluble, barrier across the exposed formation. This barrier minimizes fracture propagation and actually raises the fracture initiation pressure of the formation. Since ULIA has no polymer component it can be used in temperatures up to 350°F.


Micro-fracture formation

Permeable matrix formation

Fragmental rock formation

Shale formation

Coal formation

Product Features

PSD optimization resulting in less screen out by shakers.

Minimum impact to rheology due to no polymer component.

Less formation damage due to acid solubility

Completely compatible with MWD/ LWD tools

Compatible with both water based and synthetic based muds


HP sand-bed (20-40 mesh) pressure (1000 psi) with fresh water, invasion length <3.94”, filter cake thickness less than 0.08”. ULIA is also in World Oil Guide to Recommended Oilfield Additives List 2015.



ULIA Technical Data

Item Index
Density, ppg 14.16 - 16.66
Particle size (150 um screen residue), %, max 5.0
Moisture content, WT %,max 8.0
Acid soluble ration, WT %,min 55
AV (5%), mPa.s, Max 3.0
HP sand-bed (20-40 mesh) pressure, psi, min 1000
Strengthened sand-bed (20-40 mesh) pressure using H2O, psi , min 1000
Formula: 400 ml fresh water + 0.4 g NaOH + 1.6 g Xanthan + 16 g ULIA -

Filtration test with HPIT (High Pressure Invasion Tester) is recommended to determine the optimum concentration of ULIA.

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