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VClean is a kind of detergent applied for cleaning down hole drilling fluids residue and surface equipment. VClean provides an excellent cleaning function by performing the task of emulsion, thinning, dissolving, dispersing oil/synthetic-base-mud residue and leaving all down hole/surface metal tools/equipment in a clean, water-wetting state.


Highly-efficient cleaning capability, biodegradable, environment friendly.

Excellent performance on emulsion, thinning, dissolving and dispersing.

Compatible with fresh water, seawater and clean brine fluids.

Can be applied at the temperature up to 300 °F.


Oil/synthetic-base-mud residue cleaning (down hole tools)

Oil/synthetic-base-mud residue cleaning (surface equipment)


Shale shaker after VClean circulations

Shale shaker before VClean circulations

Drill pipes after VClean circulations

Drill pipes before VClean circulations

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